About Us

MAMUU INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD - is one of the Leading Companies in the field of Financial Industry and Information Technology.Now we are Step up into E-Wallet Mobile Application Product says “MAMUU-Payz”.

Our Vision
MAMUU-Payz’s goal is to enhance digital excellence, increase earnings growth opportunities. MAMUU-Payz is aimed at realizing the full potential of digital wallets and helping build a robust financial inclusion platform. MAMUU-Payz is a totally customizable licensed product.

Our Mission
MAMUU-Payz is on a mission to bring half a billion Indians into the mainstream economy through payments, commerce, banking, investments, and financial services.


The company empowers our team members to impact the company mission, grow personally and professionally, and reach an optimal work-life balance. So, meet with our awesome members!


Our Happy Clients

We always care for our clients, lets see what's their opinion about us.

Initially, I was excited to see that MAMUU-Payz was getting a new look. I've been using MAMUU-Payz since the very beginning. Making and Receiving payments is super easy and convenient. There are so many features included with this software and navigation is a breeze.
I used MAMUU-Payz for the first time to transact in India, and it was very useful to transfer the cash and recharge DTH, etc. As well as many shops that have supported shopping there. And made easy with the payment method.
Software Engineer
Fast, free and secure transactions and get exciting rewards also. The scan and pay option makes it very comfortable to pay in stores and various other places like restaurants, hotels, and almost every other place.
Orrie E
Independent Consultant
The user interface is simple and great. There are a bunch of options provided in MAMUU-Payz like recharging your phone, pay your bills, donate money, travel, and insurances, gift cards, subscriptions, etc You can send money very easily and quickly
Joseph Vijay